April 28, 2021

yellow logo that says “The Movement for Black Lives
yellow logo that says “The Movement for Black Lives

Movement for Black Lives Responds to Biden’s Address to Congress

As President Biden marks 100 days in office, the Movement for Black Lives Calls on Biden and Congress to pass The BREATHE Act

Tonight, President Joe Biden addressed Congress for the first time and called on lawmakers to pass the Justice in Policing Act. Karissa Lewis, National Field Director of Movement for Black Lives, issued the following statement:

As President Biden marks one hundred days in office this week, Black communities need bolder and bigger action from this administration to protect our rights and lives. …

Ending rape culture requires action on many fronts, including our systems and structures. Policy change has the power to fundamentally shift them.


Police sexual misconduct is cemented into the structure of law enforcement, and we cannot end sexual violence until we end policing. Reliance on policing to end sexual violence leaves 70% of survivors who don’t report to police behind. For every Black woman who reports a sexual assault, 15 don’t. We demand:

  • Divestment from policing and mass criminalization
  • An immediate end to all detention, deportations, Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) raids, and roving Border Patrols.
  • Investment…

By Karissa Lewis, Kandace Montgomery and Miski Noor

Text reads ‘A conviction is not justice. Our communities deserve more.’ Images are of Black people holding protest signs.
Text reads ‘A conviction is not justice. Our communities deserve more.’ Images are of Black people holding protest signs.

Last week, a Minneapolis jury declared Derek Chauvin guilty on all three counts for murdering George Floyd. That night, thousands of Black people celebrated in the streets, taking a moment to breathe and feel relief. But the system reminded us almost immediately that these moments can only ever be brief: 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant was murdered by police in Columbus, Ohio in the minutes before the judge read out the Chauvin verdict.

No one verdict or trial in this unjust criminal legal system will deliver justice — that’s why the Movement for Black…

As one ecosystem made up of many groups that form the Movement for Black Lives (M4BL), we acknowledge the news of the Nobel Peace Prize nomination presented to the global movement for racial justice.

As M4BL, we value this recognition inasmuch as it represents the vastness of a movement; every family and community yearning for justice; every organizer, activist, and leader on the frontlines today and in movement’s past; and every life lost to the scourge of white supremacy and state terror.

We are all counted in the number, proceeding onward and unapologetically toward Black liberation.

We do not advocate…

by Paris Hatcher, Black Feminist Future

Image of Shirley Chisolm, one of our inspirations to vote like a Black feminist.
Image of Shirley Chisolm, one of our inspirations to vote like a Black feminist.

This election season, we’re voting for Black futures and in defense of Black lives. Black people face longstanding, systemic obstacles to voting made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic and the current political climate. We’ve seen active voter suppression all over the country because politicians and the systems they’ve designed recognize that voting has always been a critical tool for building Black political power.

Guided by past and current Black feminist electoral champions, Black Feminist Future has created Vote Like A Black Feminist (VLABF): a 4-point guide that encourages you to apply your Black feminist…

By Aishamanne Williams

Since George Floyd was brutally murdered by Minneapolis police two weeks ago, protests have been happening every day across the nation and internationally in what’s been called the biggest civil rights movement we’ve seen. As calls to defund (and abolish) the police become mainstream, it is clear that people are ready for real change and won’t stop protesting for it anytime soon.

Students have always been at the center of political movements. Student activism helped to shape the Black Lives Matter movement, and the same is true for the 1960s civil rights movement. Across the country, students…

A new poll shows that 72 percent of Black people think Trump should resign. In both policy and narrative, Trump has presented an existential threat to Black Americans that has certainly resulted in the loss of Black life and a higher level of danger to the community.

People of all backgrounds are showing historic support for the Movement for Black Lives and for defunding the police. As the tide turns, Trump is responding with a desperate flurry of responses to re-center himself, while threatening entire populations, the right to free speech, and democracy itself. His presidency has been marred by…

Millions have taken to the streets with a clear and distinct call to end police violence and to defund police. They have been met with a brutal wave of repression from police departments across the country, with the unequivocal blessing of the Trump administration.

We need to be explicit. Much has been made about re-introducing existing use-of-force regulations as a potential way forward on police violence. Regulations are important as they can function as a guide for police departments of any size or scale. But, we cannot be more clear: they are insufficient as a solution to the problem of…

On April 7th, Wisconsin held in-person elections during the COVID 19 crisis against the advice of public health officials and the governor. My daughter and I were among the many who voted. Black, queer, and big-bodied, we knew we were among the most vulnerable who are at risk. To prepare, we dressed in homemade protective gear, tightly covering our face and hands and wrapping our IDs and pens in plastic. Armed with sanitizer and wipes, we headed to one of only five open polling places to cast our ballots. We interacted with poll workers behind plexiglass to help prevent the…

Nationwide cities and states continue to enact round-the-clock “shelter-in-place” orders to enforce social distancing and stanch the spread of COVID-19. Many are already experiencing a significant strain on their ability to care for and support themselves and their families. However, Black people in particular are most likely to bear the heaviest brunt of the virus’s vast impact on jobs, housing, schools, healthcare systems and overall community stability.

In response, activists and organizers across the Movement for Black Lives network are rapidly identifying and addressing the urgent needs of their communities — including elders, LGBTQI+ BIPOC, differently-abled, and formerly and currently incarcerated people. From online petitions and toolkits, to local and regional mutual aid efforts, below is a list of groups and organizations that are helping individuals and families in real-time, while reinforcing values of community care and connectedness.

1. Join Black Lives Matter in demanding better government action.

Black Lives Matter has put out a statement demanding more from the government’s response to coronavirus. Join BLM in demanding the following: Immediately pass a coronavirus relief package now…

Movement for Black Lives

M4BL is a national network of organizations and individuals creating a broad political home for Black people to learn, organize, and take action.

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